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  • Guardrail Cleaner
  • Guardrail Cleaner

Guardrail Cleaner

Performance Feature


● Quality assurance, stability and reliability
- The water tank has an advanced anti-corrosion coating, so it is not easy to rust. The water tank is also equipped with a low water level sensing protection system to prevent the pump from damage due to a low water level.
- A liquid level alert device is installed for the hydraulic oil tank to remind operators to refuel whenever necessary.
● 360° all-around cleaning
- It has four groups of rolling brushes that can clamp and isolate guardrails for rotating cleaning, supplemented by high-pressure flushing. Thus, the front, back, right and left sides of a guardrail can be cleaned.
- It has independent corner sprayers that can wash double yellow lines while cleaning guardrails.
- Guardrail base cleaning brush can be additionally installed to wash guardrail base while cleaning guardrails.
● Safety, intelligence and easy operation
- The driving room has a control switch and a color video surveillance system for flexible and easy operations. The driver can complete all operations and monitor the working status in the cab.
- This vehicle has a guiding mechanism that can facilitate operations and prevent the driver from turning back frequently to observe the working status of the rolling brush.


  • Detail Introduction
  • Specifications

It is capable of cleaning urban road guardrails, double yellow lines, and road surface with high pressure, and urban sculptures, traffic signs, guide boards, and billboards at fixed sites. This vehicle is capable of efficient and effective cleaning. It can clean the four sides of a guardrail at a time, while other domestic industry products cannot clean the front and back of a guardrail.

Price 10000
Model Number Guardrail Cleaner
Place of Origin CHINA
Min.Order Quantity 1
Payment Terms T/T
Supply Ability 100UNITS
Delivery Detail 45DAYS

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