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Armoured Bulletproof Vehicle

Bulletproof passenger car is a series of bulletproof vehicle products tailored for the safe travel of politicians, social elites, people living and working in high-risk areas, including bulletproof luxury car series, bulletproof off-road vehicle series, bulletproof passenger van series and bulletproof bus series.

Each bulletproof vehicle produced meets the European CEN1063, BRV2009, the United States NIJ0108.01 and other international standards, which can effectively resist the attack of various types of pistols, AK47/M14/M16 submachine guns. The explosion-proof standard refers to international standards such as European ERV2010 and can effectively resist dm51 grenades, DM31 anti-infantry mines and roadside bombs. 
bulletproof passenger car custoers are in more than ten countries and regions in Asia and Africa, such as presidential guards, national dignitaries, entrepreneurs, security companies, multinational companies, overseas Chinese-funded enterprises, etc.

Wheeled armored broadcasting vehicle

wheeled armored ambulance vehicle

assault vehicle

Frontier defense patrol vehicle

Wheeled armored anti-riot disperse vehicle

wheeled armored vehicle

anti-riot disperse vehicle

Mercedes-Benz New Vito Advanced Negative Pressure Monitoring Transfer bulletproof ambulance

Armored Personnel Carrier
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Detail Introduction

Type 05 wheeled armored vehicles, Type 05A wheeled armored vehicles, wheeled armored ambulances, wheeled riot control dispersers, wheeled armored broadcast vehicles, armored personnel carrier assault vehicles, "Tiger Soldiers" armored personnel carriers, plateau border patrol vehicles and political work propaganda vehicles. It is mainly used for special operations units and motorized units to carry out tasks such as field transportation, surprise operations, urban operations, and counter-terrorism and stability maintenance, and can also carry out battlefield vigilance, border patrol, search and arrest and other tasks, which can provide a base platform for the modification of light special vehicles by various services and arms. It plays an important role in improving the army's vehicle and equipment system and improving the ability of the troops to carry out combat support tasks.

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