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  • Pile cage welding machine
  • Pile cage welding machine

Pile cage welding machine


  • Detail Introduction
  • Specifications

Pile cage welding machine 1600mm DENOMINATION MODEL QUANTIT Y NOTE Pile cage welding machine LYGH-1600mm 1 Fully automatic operation with welding robotics Technical parameter: Pile cage welding machineLYGH-1600(the same color/pic/structure) Six Features: The CNC steel cage roll welding machine is a PLC-controlled equipment for processing and producing steel cages. It completely replaces the manual binding process of steel cages and makes a great contribution to the high efficiency of bridge and pile foundation steel cage manufacturing. The products are mainly used in steel bar processing plants or construction sites in the field ofstandardized construction of highways, high-speed railways, and housing construction. Principle of steel cage roll welding machine: According to the construction requirements, the main reinforcement of the steel cage is fixed by manually passing through the corresponding template circular hole of the fixed rotating disk to the corresponding hole of the moving rotating disk. The rotating disk rotates to wind the winding rib on the main rib (the moving disk moves backward while rotating), and welding is performed at the same time. ⊙Fast processing speed: the length of the steel cage is 12M and the diameter is 300MM, calculated in 8 hours, one day Can produce 300M steel cage. The length of the steel cage is 12M and the diameter is 1500MM, which is calculated in 8 hours Seven Calculate, 200M steel cage can be produced a day. ⊙The processing quality is stable and reliable: due to the use of CNC mechanized operation, the spacing between the main reinforcement and the winding reinforcement is uniform, the diameter of the steel cage is the same, and the product quality fully meets the specification requirements; ⊙Reliable quality of solder joints, high distribution accuracy of main reinforcement, good consistency, uniform spacing of stirrups, which provide a basis for the subsequent rapid butt joint of steel cages. The stirrups are tightened without overlap, which saves 1.5% of material compared with manual work. Cost of construction. ⊙The equipment adopts modular design, the loading rack, main machine, and unloader can be quickly disassembled and assembled, and all parts can be easily lifted as a whole, and the transfer of the equipment is convenient and fast. ⊙Mechanized processing of steel cages is guaranteed in terms of quality control Eight Pile cage welding machine parameter: Nine www.luyuanmachinery.com Machine sales list number Accessory name Num ber unit Remarks Num ber Accessory name quan tity unit Remarks 1 bracket 1 / 11 Connecting rod 16 piece 2short2medium1 2length 2 Pay-off frame 1 piece / 12 Distribution rack 4 sets Split mode 3 straightener 1 piece / 13 4 pieces Can adjust position 4 Straightener base 1 piece Cab adjust position 14 Hydraulic support 4 sets 5 module 3 sets 1.8/2.0/2.2 15 Tool case 1 Sets list、introduction book 6 Distribution cabinet 1 Piece Operation table 16 Hydraulic base 1 Sets / 7 Moving bracket,fixed bracket ,track 1 sets Reducing machine , electro-mo tor3sets 17 Hydraulic station 1 Sets Hydraulic motor, hydraulic pump, oil tube 8 Drag chain 1 sets Control box 18 Piercing tube (single ) Sets Big/small 9 Distribution tray 1 sets tugboat 19 Piercing tube (double ) sets Big/small 10 Hook bending machine 1 sets 32 型 20 1 Sets 500type Machine productivity: The rebar cage length 12M ,diameter 300MM , according to 8 hours one days,can produce 300M rebar Ten cage 。The rebar cage length 12M ,diameter1500MM, according to 8 hours one days,can produce 200M rebar cage。 Machine configuration Number denomination quantity remarks 1 Main rib feeding1 sets mechanism 2 Main bar distribution1sets mechanism 3 Rotating plate A(fixed1 set side) 4 Rotating plate B1 set (mobiling side) 5 Hydraulic automatic1 sets support mechanism The main bar supporting frame can load 2 tons, which improves efficiency and reduces labor intensity The main ribs are automatically conveyed and distributed on the circumference of the distribution plate. The distribution system is connected to the fixed plate and can follow synchronous rotation. The motor drives the sprocket to rotate the fixed plate, which is controlled by the brand servo motor, with high rotation accuracy, ensuring uniform spacing between the steel cages The motor drives the sprocket to rotate the moving plate, which is controlled by the brand servo motor with high rotation accuracy to ensure the even spacing of the steel cages; The motor drives the rack and pinion to move the moving plate horizontally Composed of multiple sets of hydraulic supports, automatically lifted to support the steel cage to prevent deformation 6 Electric controlsystem 1 sets Mitsubishi brand PLC control; Delta servo drive double-end control panel, which makes on-site operation convenient; dedicated operating software, 4 years of site user feedback on site use, simple, practical, easy to learn, and user-friendly application 7 Pay-off frame 1 set Can overtake the weight 2tons 8 Ring type template 3sets Due to multiple penetrating ribs, the number of main ribs can be increased or decreased at will 9 Welding mode 1piece 1) The industry generally adopts special matching, CO₂ shielded welding machine, which is simple and easy to learn, has low failure rate, and is especially suitable for site environment 2) Automatic welding manipulator (purchased separately), because the continuous working time of the automatic welding equipment is long due to the working environment of the construction site and the personnel conditions, the actual efficiency is high, and the user is generally applicable

Price 10000
Model Number LYGH-1600
Place of Origin CHINA
Min.Order Quantity 1
Payment Terms T/T
Supply Ability 100
Delivery Detail 45DAYS
Packaging Details 20GP

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