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  • REBAR STIRRUP BENDER Automatic Stirrup Bender
  • REBAR STIRRUP BENDER Automatic Stirrup Bender

REBAR STIRRUP BENDER Automatic Stirrup Bender


  • Detail Introduction
  • Specifications

1, the bending speed: 100 for the maximum speed, according to the size of the stirrup made appropriate adjustments to the value, if the stirrup size is too large, the angle should be reduced when the speed value, otherwise there will be inertia factors The resulting stirrup deforms. 2, feeding speed: 100 is the maximum speed, the general set to 100, can also be adjusted according to the actual situation. 3, "length A": length A is the first side length of the stirrup, this side needs to use the actual small hook side length plus 100mm, such as the actual small hook length is 60mm, this side should be set to 160 mm. 4, the last stretch of a side length is turned on, the value should be set to a negative number, such as "-60". 5, the formula one to three recipes for continuous work. In order to facilitate the continuity of work, you can set the parameters of the three recipes in turn, set the front will click "√" to confirm the call, and enter the number of processing, the system will automatically processing recipe one to three recipe products. Length compensation and angle compensation. If the processing of the stirrup length or angle of error, can be corrected through the length of angle compensation, increased to positive, reverse direction

Price 10000-50000
Model Number CLWG-12
Place of Origin CHINA
Min.Order Quantity 1
Payment Terms T/T
Supply Ability 100
Delivery Detail 45DAYS
Packaging Details 20GP

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