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  • Sewer Suction Truck
  • Sewer Suction Truck
  • Sewer Suction Truck
  • Sewer Suction Truck
  • Sewer Suction Truck
  • Sewer Suction Truck
  • Sewer Suction Truck
  • Sewer Suction Truck

Sewer Suction Truck

The Suction-type sewer scavenger is the high practicability product developed by our company, The technical performance exceed other domestic products. It mainly used in suction and transportation of waste of sewage, wells, septic tanks or sewage pool waste of petrochemical plant. Suitable for the operation in the small street and community





  • Detail Introduction
  • Specifications


Sewage Tank Volume (m³)


Maximum Flow of Vacuum Pump (m³/h)


Maximum Suction Stroke (m)  


Cleaning system pressure (MPa)


Clear water tank volume (L)  



The car adopts a round Q235B tank (optional stainless steel tank), with good pressure bearing performance and technical performance indicators reaching or even exceeding domestic similar products. It is mainly used in sewage, rainwater wells, septic tanks and various trenches. The suction and transportation of mud, feces or silt in the petrochemical sewage tank, and is equipped with manual sewage suction rotating boom and night work lamp, which is convenient to use and has high operating efficiency.

Adopt well-known brand vacuum pump, with high absolute working pressure, large flow rate, large suction force and long suction range. And the vehicle is equipped with three wear-resistant suction pipes as standard, which can be connected together by quick joints according to actual needs, which not only optimizes the pipeline layout, but also makes the appearance of the vehicle more beautiful.

It integrates the functions of sewage suction and sewage rotary filtration and self-draining, which reduces the number of vehicle round trips, reduces the labor intensity of operators, improves work efficiency, and saves costs.

The rear door adopts an independent patented sanitation tank special vehicle rear door opening and closing locking device, a hydraulic system with safety protection, and a double insurance mechanism to reliably seal the garbage box and the rear door rubber strip, ensuring that the sewage is in a closed state during the collection and transportation process.

The liquid level display of the sewage tank adopts the imported liquid level display device, which is easy to observe, easy to disassemble, clean and maintain.

Sewage outlet adopts imported knife valve to ensure the long-term tightness of the sewage valve.

Hydraulic drive cleaning device, the hydraulic system has an independent power source, can run independently, and can also run simultaneously with other mechanisms (except for the tipping action of the tank), without interference with each other, and with large pressure and flow, simple and convenient operation.

Rotating boom:the boom has the functions of lifting, rotating and telescopic, wide coverage, strong maneuverability, and is equipped with a remote control and night work lights, easy to use and high operating efficiency.

Optional on-board cleaning device is installed to flush the vehicle and clean the surrounding environment.

Optional Italy vacuum pump.


Price 20000
Model Number FLM5180GXWDF6
Place of Origin CHINA
Min.Order Quantity 1
Payment Terms T/T
Supply Ability 100
Delivery Detail 40DAYS
Packaging Details RORO VESSE;

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